All of this – it is a little Vague, isn’t it?  Who am I supposed to be?  Where am I meant to go?

The world litters the otherwise clear road with a thousand afflictions, opinions, and desires; and in the mire we lose our way.

We stall.  And by the time we articulate a thought or two, or a way out, the day is gone, and the quiet of night comes and brings with it none of the necessary incentive.  And so, to the lifeless infinity of sleep we turn.

I dream of a field of leaves: a beautifully coloured and textured collage beneath the still and fragrant air, and a nod to the randomity of life.  I inhale deeply, calmly, letting the jasmine notes iron-out the creases and letting the spirit of serenity gently infuse.  As I exhale, some of the leaves about me move.  Beneath them there is a deliberate coarseness to the earth.  Something linear and beaten.  Something alluring.  A path …

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