I am not wholly Agile.  If I were, then I would be unaffected by adversity.  I would traverse life oblivious to the bitter sentiment, to the pangs of jealousy, to the claws of hate.  I would parry or avoid these things like the dancer gracefully contorting to the melody of the day, or the Buddhist who exerts effortless control over the things in his space.  And I would go wherever the wind desires.

And if you so ask, I shall be with you …

But I am to some extent agile.  If I see another in the hollow of sadness, I shall abandon my day and be with them.  If I need to change the way I am, for the betterment of myself or others, I shall abandon my ways.  And if you so ask, I shall be with you.

But perhaps the finest agility is in the ability to set aside your anger, the hate and injustice with which you are afflicted, and your prejudice; and to say peace be upon you, or better still, I love you.

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